My hours were suppose to be 20 hours a week. I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday to make my 20 hours.

Now they are pushing me up over 30 hours by meanings of telling me it is only 26 hours. I am a full time student and need four ever hour of class two hours. I take three classes at 4 credit hours. I don't have the time to work full time.

I have tried to speak to my managers and they fail to change my hours. I feel that I must quit to make them get the clue I can't and won't work these hours.

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Employment Options is not the employer who changed the hours. This was most likely a job that we helped this person find.

We have really no control when an employer changes the hours of a job. Employment Options will intervene if an accommodation is needed due to a disability and try to get hours adjusted.

We are always available to try to help someone find a more appropriate job, if their current job does not work out for them. Paula Vieillet, President Employment Options.

to Anonymous #1142314

Why didn't our company intervene if that was the case. That's not fair this person, what kind of company doesn't do back ground checks on people dealing with clients credit cards and other personal information?

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